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They've always been a mixture. Not like this. There is no doubt Dave and the guys know what the nerds want, it just depends if they want to play them to crowds that are by majority not the big nerdy fans.
But, as we always point out, people will never become the "nerdy" fans if they never hear those songs live. And those people who grew up listening to those songs either live back in the day or on record will stop going to shows if they know that they won't hear the songs they love. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You don't play for the "nerds" at the main shows because how you do the main shows means that the nerds no longer go.

I don't want to claim to speak for all the "nerds" but we both know a good 50 or 60 people between us who have drifted away from the band but who would be there every tour if something like this setlist was regular:

White Limo
All My Life
The Pretender
My Hero
Learn to Fly
The Sky Is A Neighbourhood
Cold Day in the Sun
I'll Stick Around
These Days
Monkey Wrench
Hey, Johnny Park!
Alone + Easy Target
Sunday Rain
This Is a Call
Best of You

Times Like These
For All the Cows

You don't even need to have those specific songs every night. Rotate out Winnebago/Wattershed/Exhausted/Alone + Easy Target for, say, Aurora/New Way Home/Up In Arms/Enough Space or similar and I am willing to bet that 99.9% of fans would come away ecstatic and the nerds would be amongst that number.

Hell, look at me - I skipped the shows in Chicago this summer and even the thought of them playing 1 or 2 of these songs in the autumn has got me wondering if there are still tickets to shows near me.
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