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psst. 20% off the stores excluding Media (and the tea set on the uk store).

on another note:

Friday London Stadium gig poster a/p should be on route in a couple of days.

The puzzle arrived all in one box. was quite disappointed

edit: looking through the US store they have 3 posters up - calgary normal and foil from the cancelled date & likewise on the edmonton one.
Wembley Stadium, 6th June 2008
Milton Keynes, 2nd July 2011
Reading Festival, 26th August 2012
House of Vans, 11th September 2014
Islington Assembly Hall, 12th September 2014
Invictus Games, 14th September 2014
Wembley Stadium, 20th June 2015
o2 Arena, 19th September 2017
London Stadium, 22nd & 23rd June 2018
Future: Pula?

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