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Thank you FooZealand for the kind words!
Your comments are very helpful, I really apprecitate it!
I left the promos as firstly I want to get the commercial 7" singles and still don't know if I want to go deeper. I've been really into NIN, Nirvana and Manson for a decade, so I don't have too much money to spend on another band, but the Foo 7" vinyls are beautiful.
As I said before, I'm always open for trade as well, so if you have any spare FF vinyl, let me know.
You're very welcome. It doesn't matter what you end up deciding on as far as how far you go with a collection. The way I see it is I just like to let people know all of what is out there, then you get to gauge where you want to go against that. I spent a long time over the years thinking I had that "full" list sorted, only to get surprised over and over again with what was still missing. So it just helps take that guess work out of it for other people

I have a lot of vinyl, but really dont have trades. Mainly there isnt much left Im missing to trade so it makes it difficult. But I do try and help put people onto good listings when I see them. I post quite a few from time to time in this thread and the main collectors thread.
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