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Not including the new reprints and differenciating between international releases, I only need a few more to complete my initial collection before I take the next step. I need...

Westlife/Foo Fighters - My Love/Next Year
and I think that's it...

I want Godzilla and Mission Impossible soundtrack, but they're not a must at this point, then I want all of the new reissues.

I already have a head a start on international releases as I have the EU and US releases of IYH and S/T, and have only UK for TC&TS. For now, I'm going for Everlong and FF/Westlife
Westlife and Foo Fighters, damn I didn't know about that one
I just kinda died for you
You just kind stared at me
We will always have the chance"

"If you think about it with an open mind, music can be nameless, it can be faceless - it can just be music"
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