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I'm starting to get the whole package as well:

-Foo Fighters 1st press
-The colour and the shape US first press
-There is nothing left to lose Uk first press (just ordered on discogs)
-In Your honor 4LP box set (still ordered to
-Echoes Patience Silence & Grace (US)
-Medium Rare
-Wasting Lights
-Skin and Bones (just ordered from amazon)

I'm missing: One by one 2 10" LP, might get it sooner than later!
I love your thinking - I haven't regretted a single foo vinyl purchase. I play my records over the cds all the time now. With your new gear they will just sound so much more full - and that UK Nothing is definitely the one to have. I hunted so long to get one and ended up getting a sealed copy, which is fantastic, only I just cant play it lol. The US orig version just isn't the same. They messed up the pressing master. I was borrowing a UK copy now and then now I don't have to thanks to the reissues. You'll definitely enjoy that one
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