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Given what you bought as far as equipment goes you couldn't really go wrong It will last for years and most importantly your records will too!

There are no known fake copies of Medium Rare. So many were actually pressed nobody is likely to ever bother. Bare in mind it has a retro style design, I'm sure it is fine.

I can't directly quote anything when saying this but from what I have read Dave being quoted as saying and heard in interviews over the years, he really cares about records. They have always released vinyl, even in times where bigger bands at the same time were not because it wasn't considered commercially worth doing. I'm pretty sure they would even have had all the reissues in mind when they released Wasting Light and Medium Rare, but they definitely knew how rare their earlier vinyl releases had become. I'm sure that played a part in pressing the MR release in much higher numbers than the other RSD vinyl; they didn't want bootlegs to be an issue.
Good to ear. I need to take time to check the runout grooves from what is on discogs

Thank you FooZealand

EDIT: Damn you FooZealand! I just had to buy the OBO you pointed out on ebay!
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