Default Re: Post your Foo Fighters Vinyl Collection

Ok I'll play...

1 Mint (legit) copy of TCATS - scored it for a good price from an ebay pawn shop that didn't know what they had and had it listed as a cd, so only a few people bid on it.

1 Mint (US) copy of There Is Nothing Left To Lose - Was sealed with the Foo Fighters tattoo still intact inside. Opened it to play it. Sad to find out that its a bit on the muddy sounding side.

2 In Your Honor (US) box sets, both Mint. One sealed but with damage to the box, one opened that I play.

1 Mint - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (US)

2 Wasting Light, one came with the limited Deluxe edition, one came with the Vinyl special edition.

1 Medium Rare , provided the place I ordered it from doesn't screw me.

Current table is a Pro-Ject Debut III with an Ortofron Red cartridge.
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