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So FooZealand is the one hoarding all the vinyl...

Mind if I ask your reasoning behind the 3 and 4 copies of identical pressings? I get I having one to listen to and one to keep sealed, but your collection is bordering on obsessive!
Don't mind at all - very common and very reasonable question to be asking. First you need to bare in mind I have been collecting since 1995, so a lot of the duplicates came when buying whole collections, or just when buying one item i needed when it was with others I didn't really need but could justify picking up because the price was good.

I've never gone out of my way to get 3 copies of almost anything - with the exception of the TCATS vinyl, and then purely based on price - if it's too good to turn down well you just can't. The other exception recently would be the EU WL LP - AM Germany have a set postage price, so I bought several copies, I will probably sell one or two locally to make the copies I keep a bit cheaper. And WL, and that was just dumb luck, an Ebay purchase and then the local RSD store got a copy they had told me might not arrive.

Also what you don't see there is the total number of copies of some of these that I have had at one time. I had a box from a UK record store closure in 2004 that had 50 something copies of Foo 7" singles in it. Ive traded most of them away. I guess I still sit on a spare in case I find a need to have one to offer to swap for something, or maybe damage one etc because I do play the play copies pretty regularly.

OK so its no real excuse - I am just obsessive lol - tell me Im wrong - go on I dare you
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