Default Re: Toronto Molson Amp Gig!

Glad to have a Toronto thread back!

I'll be driving in from London with some other Foo fans to try to get tickets.

Here's hoping that it goes better than Chicago (got shut out there. May have cried a little).

Good luck everyone!
1) 08.11.00 Molson Park (Summersault Festival), Barrie ONT
2) 07.07.03 Arrow Hall, Toronto ONT
3) 07.19.03 Sarnia Bayfest, Sarnia ONT
4) 06.16.05 Lees Palace, Toronto ONT
5) 08.13.05 Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto ONT
6) 08.23.06 Hummingbird Centre, Toronto ONT
7) 11.03.06 John Labatt Centre, London ONT
8) 03.20.08 John Labatt Centre, London ONT
9) 03.22.08 Air Canada Centre , Toronto ONT
10) 09.06.08 Toronto Islands (V-Fest), Toronto ONT
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