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Scalpers are already selling ticktes on Kijiji for $325 each I really hope I can get a pair for my son and I during the presale.


The scalpers were out in full force. All lined up too. You can't say anything as they followed the rules today. But there were tickets snapped up by them.
1) 08.11.00 Molson Park (Summersault Festival), Barrie ONT
2) 07.07.03 Arrow Hall, Toronto ONT
3) 07.19.03 Sarnia Bayfest, Sarnia ONT
4) 06.16.05 Lees Palace, Toronto ONT
5) 08.13.05 Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto ONT
6) 08.23.06 Hummingbird Centre, Toronto ONT
7) 11.03.06 John Labatt Centre, London ONT
8) 03.20.08 John Labatt Centre, London ONT
9) 03.22.08 Air Canada Centre , Toronto ONT
10) 09.06.08 Toronto Islands (V-Fest), Toronto ONT

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