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Jill reached out to me asking what you do with your stuff and i said you are just a major collector. I find it hard to believe that they don't think there are major collectors of foo merch out there. Just don't give the official store your money anymore? There are other online stores with foo stuff with better customer service out there. I don't blame you for how you feel but it would be a shame to not come on here anymore with the online friendships you have cultivated over the years.
Agreed. I said it in the first thread, there are so many moving pieces please don't assume no one cares. I own a vintage market and I can't tell you the fuckups that can happen and we are talking about 1/100th of the people. I know sometimes people can think, how could that even happen? (something we did) and the answer is, it does. We never want to hurt anyone. I've also noticed, when there is a problem, we usually screw up some more, like when it rains it pours on that one particular person. It sadly happens.
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