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Actually yeah I remember someone posting this on instagram after the London listening party, although they only showed the cover.

I think it's pretty standard to expect the press to keep everything private, anyone that doesn't would soon lose future invites and opportunities. I mean they all kept 'Run' secret, they all had articles ready to publish the second it went live.

Also someone just posted this on reddit to confirm:
Yes saw that was posted some time after my disbelief. Meant all those attendees leaked no lyrics and no titles prior to launch, and then STILL kept quiet about Soldier having been "missing" AFTER launch.

The last bit really probably was the main reason for my "Surely not" response, along with the if we knew the book existed why did nobody mention it... but I accept now it's all totally quite true.

We've had this discussion a few times over the years and when it comes down to it even radio stations get advance notice on releases etc and say nothing. So the secrecy part is kinda standard, though I'm more surprised with lyrics going out as well, then again the trust is either there or not.

And if only the front cover was shown then nobody was any the wiser.
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