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Back in 1993 Nirvana was on MTV talking about the death of my friend and ex bandmate GG Allin. Here is the video on You Tube. Kurt was the only member that was respectful to GG during this interview. The other 3 members (Dave, the Germs guy and the tall bass player) were really yucking it up. The saddest part about this was Kurt Blew Off His Head (my song title) less than a year later. Maybe these guys should have been respectful. Seems both GG Allin and Kurt Cobain were very tortured souls. This song is a demo but I plan to finish it next month and release it independently. Here is a link to the song. Please share this with Dave Grohl if you delete this post. I hope I jog his memory of something he and his bandmates should be ashamed of considering their bandleader killed himself less than a year later.

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