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Such a great song, so calm and melodic. It just doesn't sound like the Foo Fighters, but it is. It's an awesome song.
6 months-ish later the whole thing for me is the album becomes more of a "Greatest Respects" or kinda concepts album. Lots of quite different styles, lots of different themes.

I had trouble with it all the first few listens, not because some songs weren't immediately great, but just that end to end it is so all over the place. I just didn't want to be listening to Pink Floyd at the end of a FF album.

But I got over that by about the 8th time. And somewhere around there also added Soldier as track ten (because we know now from the listening party promo lyric books that was the first intention, before it was given away to PPH).

Sitting between Sunday Rain and The Line I feel it works really well. I just still wish the title track was a little less directly in your face in it's influence. The rest weren't quite so blatant and had more real underlying Foo feel.

Soldier is now solidly in my top five of the "original" album

Calling on you, belladonna
Poison to prepare
Now you're gone I float along
Like embers in the air

How could you understand?

Rain your armies down upon me
March across my back
Now or never
No surrender
Until your flag goes black

How could you understand?

Am I the soldier that you want me to be?
Crawling on my hands and knees
Under attack
Under attack again
Am I the soldier that you want me to be?
Running from my enemy
Under attack
Under attack again

On your orders
Bricks and mortar
Kingdoms to defend
Saints and sinners make good prisoners
Now your king is dead

How could you understand?

Some quite intense multi-purpose (read how you want) lyrics in there.

No matter how you read them (and that's what's kinda great about Dave's ambiguity) it's a very strong song both musically and lyrically.
Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there
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