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Nashville was the first time seeing FF since 2008 and I was pretty underwhelmed. The show wasn't as special as I remember it being in the past. The crowd didn't seem as into it as I remember. Little Fonzi was kind of cool for the first couple of seconds but then he started playing a generic beat and everyone was just like ....really?... It was pretty cringey. They are playing way too many covers, too. I miss the hockey arena days where it was 100% Foo Fighters blowing my face off with 15 songs. The light show was great though! Taylor's drum solos have gotten pretty insane, too!
I was back to loving them again after the Lexington show - they played so well and were SO into it. They do tend to Jazz Odyssey (tm Spinal Tap) a bit; know when to end it! I'd rather have 3 min of tons more songs than 13 min of a few
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