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Following on from their Oasis & U2 editions, Q have released ‘Q Legends: Nirvana’ edition with the last third of the magazine focusing on Foo Fighters.

It’s all reprinted articles that Q has ran in the past (aside from a few introductions from the journalists that wrote them - Tom Doyle writes about getting stoned and having to leave the Foo practice room during THIS piece)

It’s curious though - Q have been covering Foo Fighters since day 1 and they’ve had about 9/10 cover features so (I guess depending on if you class them as “Legends” or not) they could legitimately have had their own edition. Another weird thing is alongside the articles they’ve used stock images and not the specific photo shoots that accompanied the interviews the first time around, so an interview from 2011 will have some pic from 2006 next to it.

Anyway, it’s on sale now if you’re interested.
As much as I love the Foos, I don't think they're quite in the same league as U2, Nirvana or Oasis (in the UK anyway). That being said it does annoy me slightly that they're being presented as a sequel to the Nirvana story. I feel that over the past 23 years they've earned themselves the right to stand on their own.

I'll still buy it though
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