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I would send layout (art, mechanicals) to printer -- they make a negative or film from the layout -- the printer makes a proof (blueline, chromalin, or B/W print) -- they send that to me for corrections, etc. -- I send back the marked up proof, they make corrections (if any) -- they print job.

A blueline is given to show fonts, art and layout -- made from negatives for final layout correction markup.
A Chromalin is for color proofing of art. (Chromalin™ (Brand name) is made from 4/c film (or negatives) for color proofing and correction.)
B/W print is generally made for silk screening -- in this case, the cassette plastic housing

Also in mystery parcel 3...

The complete original 1995 US CD "blueline" insert booklet, including Tim's red marked up font approval/corrections. Another one of a kind chunk of history:

Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there
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