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Why the sarcasm? I'm not sure what is on his newest picks that were made for this ESPG tour and not used yet. He doesn't go through picks like Dave and Chris. He even saves his same one from night to night a lot lol. Puts it carefully back. While Dave is running around with different picks left and right. to answer your question, Nate's "Saul Goode" ones are older, not ESPG. They were used from at least as far back as 2000 up until no later than 2005 I would say. The first time that I saw his kitty cat ones was 2005 when I got some.
Oh, well I presumed "Saul Goode" were the ESPG ones because I'd seen one with the amp/bomb thing on the otherside...
I feel awful, let's do it again!
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