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Oh, well I presumed "Saul Goode" were the ESPG ones because I'd seen one with the amp/bomb thing on the otherside...
Haven't seen that. That must be it. When did you see that? Nate was using the kitty ones the times I've seen them recently. End of July I was told that he hadn't used those ESPG ones yet and was still using kitty ones (this was told to me by his bass tech so I figured he should know lol. But obviously Nate must have used the ESPG I just never noticed. Weird... cause Geof would have given me those if he had them. I'll have to ask again.) The old Saul Goode ones matched Dave's Les Dudis and Shifty's Shifty ones and had the circle FF on the other side. I got those in 2000 but never the Nate one. They were still using those in 2003. Not sure about 2004. Wow now I need one of those ESPG Nate ones too. thanks! Anyone have extras? I am curious as to what other FF picks there are that I don't have. Thanks.
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