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I started with nirvana in 1999 and bought my first Foo stuff in 2001( vinyl singles) on a record fair.
Than a view years i didn't collect but only got to concerts,
the past 2 years i was really starting to collect Nirvana from ebay and the Foos started about a year ago. At the same time i started My Qotsa, Bloc party and Feeder collection. Mainly Vinyl , Maxi singles and promos
But it cost to much to keep all these bands updated.

Some numbers
Bloc party about 50 pieces mainly Vinyl and Promos
Feeder about 80 pieces mainly Vinyl and singles
Foos about 130 pieces I collect everything
Nirvana about 60 pieces almost every vinyl, accept love buzz TO expensive
Qotsa about 35 pieces mainly singles and vinyl albums.
so time to rock hard
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