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It's hard to collect Qotsa, the prices are high for original items and there a lot fake, I;m happy the gonna re-issue there first LP.
You're preaching to the choir, my brutha! I only got "Fun Machine..." promo cd and couple of their regular albums. Bought a copy of Japan CD+DVD edition of "Lullabies..." from some Japan dude just last week.

I'm also looking forward to the re-release of their s/t album. Especially on vinyl. I even pre-ordered one through eBay from some british dude, who's promising to hook me and other buyers with copies from the 1st press which is supposed to be on color vinyl. And I really hope they will release it on March as they promise I'm really tired of getting release date postponed. I have a cople of FF vinyls, I have TCV vinyl now I need my QOTSA fix!))

I thought they only faked s/t LPs, is there more fakes I don't know about? Hope they don't fake 'Lullabies' vinyl - that's my next target.
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