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And the coolest thing is...

No I got two versions of the tape:

- Yellow J-Card, Red artwork with black "Late!" text
- Yellow J-Card, Black artwork with red "Late!" text

I know there's been a lot of debate on which ones are real. I believe these two versions are definitely real. There is also white J-card version out there, but I doubt if that one is the real deal. But considering the amateur style Simple Machines handed back then, it could be they were just out of Yellow J-cards, and printed the rest on white.

Who knows??!
They are all real versions. The differences came from demand - Simple Machines couldn't keep up, and as you say even printed the white J-Cards with plain red text. I have that one and I believe it is the rarest - simply because they did it for a very short time when they were extremely short of time. My cassette itself is definitely not a fake. The debaters just need to do some full research on the company and it's story etc.
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