Thumbs up Some live downloads for you all (606, Roundhouse, Lollapalooza, Weenie Roast, Sydney)

Ok folks got some live show downloads for you all that I thought you may be interested in.

First of all a DVD of the Studio 606 performance of Wasting Light on April 5th 2011. Video is from the 1080p Youtube source but I've added two extra audio tracks on top of the mono audio track from there. A 5.1 Surround sound mix from the cinema broadcast and a stereo mixdown of that. Also on the DVD is the garage tour video from Youtube and a few other miscellaneous extras.

Download here -

This is a split RAR archive, download all five parts, extract with WinRAR then burn the VIDEO_TS folder to a single DVDR.

Next up is the iTunes show from the Roundhouse. I've made a DVDR of the video and also released the HD 720p in torrents but I see those were already linked here. I'm also in the process of authoring an AVCHD disc of the show which i'll share soon.

But here is the audio of the show, taken from the full stream:

As an alternative here is an MP2 file from the DAB radio broadcast:

Next is the Lollapalooza show. I authored a DVD from the webcast file that I captured and also mixed in My Hero from Youtube.

Download link -

Split RAR archive ready to burn to DVDR as above.

weenie roast video next, again I captured the live webcast and uploaded an MP4 file. Download here -

Finally here is audio of the Wasting Light On Sydney Harbour show, taken from a promo DVD which I recieved thanks to no code here. Great quality audio -

If you want the video of that show the torrent is still alive on Dime -

Another torrent you may be interested in -
This is a 2 DVD European Compilation featuring various different performances from this year in Europe in great quality.)

01. intro
02. Dave Grohl acceptance
03. All My Life
04. Rope
05. My Hero
06. All My Life (cuts out)
07. interviews
08. Bridge Burning (cuts out)
09. interviews
10. Walk (cuts in)
11. interviews
12. I Should Have Known (cuts in & cuts out)
13. interviews
14. These Days (clips)
15. Times Like These (cuts out)
16. interviews
17. These Days (cuts in & cut)
18. interview
19. Rope
20. Walk
21. The Pretender
22. interview
23. Walk
24. Everlong

TRACKS 01-05 : February 23rd 2011 - NME Awards, London, UK (HDTV > AVI (Analogue Capture) > DVD)
TRACKS 06-17 : February 23rd 2011 - NME Awards, London, UK (A New Light mini-documentary) (HDTV > AVI (Analogue Capture) > DVD)
TRACKS 18-19 : March 3rd 2011 - SVT Studios (Skavlan), Stockholm, Sweden (HDTV > 720P .TS > DVD)
TRACKS 20-21 : June 13th 2011 - Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, Netherlands (3OnStage Acoustic set) (DVB-C > DVD)
TRACKS 22-24 : June 14th 2011 - Brainpool TV GmbH (TV Total), Cologne, Germany (HDTV > 720P MKV > DVD & DVB > DVDR)

01. Walk
02. Monkey Wrench
03. Times Like These
04. Young Man Blues
05. Best Of You
06. All My Life
07. The Pretender
08. Breakout
09. Walk
10. Monkey Wrench
11. Wheels
12. Times Like These
13. Young Man Blues (clip)
14. All My Life (cuts out)
15. Everlong
16. interview
17. Rope
18. The Pretender
19. My Hero

TRACKS 01-06: June 11th 2011 - Isle Of Wight Festival 31:37 (HDTV > 1080i .TS > DVD)
TRACKS 07-15: June 19th 2011 - Hurricane Festival 2:37 + 36:55 (HDTV > 1080i. TS > DVD & HDTV > 720P .TS > DVD
TRACKS 16-19: July 9th 2011 - Oxegen Festival 17:08 (HDTV > 1080i .TS > DVD
Hope these are useful to some of you. Any questions just ask and remember all of this stuff and much more is constantly posted over at in the forums, so feel free to pop over and see what you can find.

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