Question Keep a close eye on your kids and partners at shows!

This isn't a negative post against my Foo.s I just wanted to share an experience that my wife and I had at the Toronto show to keep everyone on their toes and keep everyone safe. July 12th 2018 at the Rogers Centre started out to be a great day, my wife and I were so happy to see the Foo Fighters again in Toronto and this time we were able to bring our 19 year old only daughter to the show. We thought it would be a good idea to have her in seats instead of GA with us to keep her safe and minimize any chances of, who knows... So her friend with her she when to her seats and enjoyed the 2 opening acts. 19 is legal drinking age in Canada so I gave her some money to enjoy 2 or 3 beer during the show. Somehow while taking selfies with her friend when she must have put her beer down someone slipped an unknown substance into her beer and just when the Foo Fighters hit the stage we got a text that our daughter was in some distress and had to leave the venue to find her unconscious outside on the sidewalk.
We spend a terrifing night at the emergency room where she was brought via ambulance! When she did wake up thank God in the morning she had no idea where she was and remembered nothing!
Every time I think about what could have happened if I was not at the show I breakdown...

Please everyone, be careful in all public places keep and eye on your loved ones and never put your drink down even for a second!
I am posting this to see if anyone else experienced this at the Toronto show and if so message me so we can try and figure this out. As for whoever did this, you will get yours somehow I have to believe that.
I hope the FOO FIGHTERS come back to Toronto soon so my beautiful daughter can see the show that she was so excited to see this time under my arm where she will be safe!
Maybe Detroit would be somewhere we can go see them this tour to makeup for this, we will have to see.
Please everyone, stay safe out there, I have to believe that a true Foo Fighters fan wouldn't have done this to my daughter it's not in our character!

Peace everyone!
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