Default Re: how AMAZING was tonights show!?!?! (dingwalls 05/07)


Thank you so so much Dan. <3

Loved recognising so many faces at the front and meeting new boardfolk. Hello.

Suzanne, thank you for being shorter than me

Scott, thank you for not shaving your beard, that was the most awesome thing ever. I loved how we had a whole team effort to draw Dave's attention to your beard.
I'm just stealing some of Kal's pictures right now. He got some goodies, and there's one of a slightly blurry Scotty with Dave. I'll let him put up the rest.

My only non-phone pics were these outside:

Suzanne getting a pic with Dave

With his pizza, which he shared

Also, Dave hugged sweaty me in this. eek.

I've had Band on the Run (Bands got the Runs) in my head all night.

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