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I know, but atleast you lot also have social lifes aswell. I used to, but now apart from the odd weekeend or occasion here and there i don't. I feel really lonely all the time, and when i try to arrange things with friends it's always "I'm working" or "I'm busy doing something".

After i went to college and did the wrong thing i thought about re-doing some education in the area i did want a career in, but i just don't think i would like the uni life, as you know i'm a shy and not very outgoing person.

Also i'm sorry for going on about stuff like this on here, but as stupid as it sounds, you're like the only people i can talk to about stuff recently.
I think the fact that you are currently unemployed does impact on the rest of your life. I mean, i spend the best part of 10 hours a day going to and from work. It does impact on what you do with your social life etc.

Whilst you may feel shy and retiring now, you might not after a few months at uni. I came out of uni a radically different person than when i went in.

My other reason for suggesting uni would be that it would get you out of Scunny, which i think would be good for you.
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