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I forgot to mention that - the light/screen/whatever thing! I have seen enough youtube videos from the tour last fall when I was prepping to go to Lexington. That was really cool looking. It made like a little room effect on Enough Space and was it All My Life or My Hero it was down and all red.

I'm just thrilled more than anything to go and see whatever they do and am happy with my 10 rows back in the middle section of the upper pavilion. Have fun in the pit! That's got to be grueling!

I am still disappointed that I missed any of the arena shows! I just couldn't get back to Lexington in May. I also knew that I was able to get tickets close to home. I can't believe I've waited 9 months since that cancellation. Oh and I can't believe they didn't do a little extended show for those 3 when they returned!
I can't remember, but I know it was down for White Limo once and they did the FF logo on it then. I got a video of it, cause it looked so cool. I'm sure it'll be an awesome show no matter what they do. That's a pretty good seat at Ruoff. I'm hoping for rail between Dave and Pat, but you can see pretty much anywhere in the pit there. You should come up to Wrigley on Sunday/Monday. There are a ton of tickets being posted, and a bunch of Indiana folks are heading there.

Those 3 make up shows were good. I was at all 3, and they definitely seemed to put a lot more love into the Lexington show.

I saw Marilyn Manson/Rob Zombie in Noblesville last week, and they both went to the rail and were high fiving and singing to people in the pit. I have my hopes up now lol.

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