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I'm sure they had. Winnebago had aired on MTV live for the I'm OK/Eur-OK special, and, at least in Seattle, it got a fair bit of radio play. At the show I went to in '96, when Dave said, "This song's called Winnebago," the crowd started cheering -- as they did at most live shows in '95 and '96.
That's anecotal, though - it didn't get much airplay anywhere else. Die-hard fans knew it - most general fans didn't. At this particular show, there only a modest reaction when "Winnebago" is announced (notable exception of the dude near the recording letting out a massive "YEAH!").

And, honestly, the real reason that no one would have known what was going on is that the songs are close enough at that point that it just sounds like an amped version of "This Is a Call" until it reaches the G chord (which is around the point that you can hear Dave realize what's happening).
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