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Queen drummer Roger Taylor has hinted he would like to work with the Foo Fighter's Taylor Hawkins for a tour. The two drummers collaborated back in 2007 in the United Kingdom when the Foo Fighters covered "39" at London's O2 Arena.

"I've been thinking about doing a tour next year - a very quick tour - with Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters," said Taylor. "He’s like one of my best blood brothers! So we might do that. That sounds like fun. He's awesome. I love him. He's got such a great, open approach to life."

In other news, Taylor and the rest of Queen have also recently dethroned The Beatles by spending more weeks on the UK charts.

"I must admit, we were quite amazed when we heard that," said Taylor. "I’m a big Beatles fan, but it’s wonderful. Things like that are very nice, they’re really cherry’s on top of our age."

Taylor is scheduled to release his first single in 12 years called "The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken)" on November 23.
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