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I'm very interested to hear your guys/ "the experts" policy, your personal view/ policy on damaged/ broken products.

I'll happily take a little bit of bending, wear and tear on my vinyls, just a little, but I was just wondering your guys' situation. These are for my pleasure, not to sell in a million years and was just interested in your situations,

Simple answer - it must match the auction description. You must buy based on the intended purpose.

If you are playing them - as you MUST - then you want nice clean copies, and you must be sure they are: ask questions etc or have good clear descriptions that this is what you are buying. If it doesn't arrive in the expected advertised state, you make a claim to the seller - then if that doesn't work out to Ebay itself.

90% of sellers will work with you - especially the bigger ones, to give you a partial refund, or a discount on something else etc. Ebay will try and do the same thing. If you still aren't happy Ebay will just give you your money back, and that includes shipping. The seller is left with no payment AND no item, wondering what the hell happened. What happened is they shouldn't have sold shit, and they should have tried to help when you said there was a problem.

You have 45 days after payment to lodge an Ebay claim - more than enough for an item to anywhere from anywhere, so definitely do it if you didn't get what was described. Remember everyone that accepts a crap deal lets the seller do it to someone else - and that could be a fellow board member. So it's in everyone's best interest.

Mistakes happen, good sellers that make honest mistakes do everything possible to fix them, including making a loss on the sale if that's what it takes.
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