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Oh! All right! I get it: I had the same on my european release.
Hub - do you have both? I don't have the UK/ EU edition. Id like to know what is different, because as you say it has seems as though MOST of the UK / EU or US editions have that sticker, and Ive never been sure exactly that I wasn't looking at another US set.

Also what exactly does your copy say as far as where it was made and where is that info located on the back. And have you played it - or can you definitely say if it says it is 33 or 45 RPM?

I've read some sets played at 33RPM from the EU - but others say 45, and you start to wonder if there are two versions OR if people just think they have an EU but actually have the US box. Bit confusing...

Cheers if you can help when you have a bit of time to look
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