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Ditto ... and why not? We're all die hard foo fans, why wouldn't we want to hear this stuff. I don't care if its not as good, I am sure it would be damn interesting. If I were a betting man (which i am) I would bet that they will eventually be released, on a boxset, anniversary edition, or whatever. Hopefully that happens before I die!
Perhaps if there's ever some Nirvana-like retrospective ala When thw lights go out- but serseriously folks I've just listened to Wasting light & S\r in headphones and realize how Dave must simply said have the final stamp on what gets put out- these ultimately are his
babies and his legacy and if you could say one thing about this band it would be that they
Sound freakin awesome...
I think the sound city project, Daves recording with that soundboard and their innate abilitu to play great other peoples music further confirms to this boy whos captain of this ship and just how much dedication to his craft he puts into it includin and up to deciding whats in and whats out...
We can only hope for another decade or two or more of this - done done on to the next one indeed!!
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