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Got a pair of floors! It was a pretty crazy pre-sale. We got there at 730. Got in line for wristbands. Yes, people that got there after nine were caught in the late like tickets. They said that they would only distribute wrist bands from 9-930. Did so from 9-945. Then anyone else was in the late line. Wrist bands were random numbers. So the two guys I was with got numbers fairly different than mine.

For some reason people didn't want floors. When my last buddy got his tickets there were floors and they were into the 300's. I'm not sure how many seats they held back from the sale. But there were about 2000 people there. So a lot of tickets were bought.

I hope everyone has good luck with the online sales coming up and we'll gear up for when they announce a second show......(speculation right now but makes sense they sold out the Amp Theatre ten years ago and have only gotten bigger since then)

Oh also, if you waited long enough you would have gotten tickets. They were selling them until 3. So it did take some time, but everyone that stuck around got tickets to the show. Also, no service fees. Paid $150 for a pair of floors.
1) 08.11.00 Molson Park (Summersault Festival), Barrie ONT
2) 07.07.03 Arrow Hall, Toronto ONT
3) 07.19.03 Sarnia Bayfest, Sarnia ONT
4) 06.16.05 Lees Palace, Toronto ONT
5) 08.13.05 Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto ONT
6) 08.23.06 Hummingbird Centre, Toronto ONT
7) 11.03.06 John Labatt Centre, London ONT
8) 03.20.08 John Labatt Centre, London ONT
9) 03.22.08 Air Canada Centre , Toronto ONT
10) 09.06.08 Toronto Islands (V-Fest), Toronto ONT

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