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Just got home from it. Lots of good banter between songs. Rami joined him for the last couple and did an accordion solo. Met Chris and rami in the bar afterwards. Happy to chat and got pics and autographs. Will post tomorrow when sober. Was hoping Dave would be at the back of the crowd but Chris complaining of jet lag. No more than a 150 people and that's being generous. Nic cester after was awesome. Didn't rely on jet songs. Only played one in tribute to his nan that died this morning. I told him that it's good he doesn't play jet stuff and he said tell that to my manager. (He also came out after gig and chated photos and signed). All in all an awesome gig. And added bonus fo me chatting to 2 foos and nic. I'll meet Dave one day before I die. In my top 5 gigs probably for meeting everyone
I just fucking love how the FF guys can do still stuff like this, solo, semi-solo, Chevy etc and so long as it's not branded FF in every corner just be "guys playing music". It says so much about them as people and musicians to want to do it, they sure don't need to financially, and it says a lot about the branding and "machinery" differences between one gig and another when you are (or not) "in the machine" so to speak.

Long may it be able to continue. Thanks for posting - love little updates like this
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