Default I'm a little drunk now so I can say this.

A band take someone's words and uses them in songs then hides behind
their overpayed lawers and think it is cool. Dave has not the guts to speak
with me. You Think that the lyrics are theirs and you might even sing along
"but he is the one that likes all are pretty songs and he likes to sing along but
he does not know what it means " was written by my brother maybe I am the
rest of the song you can't understand but "Nature is a whore" is written by me. Maybe Kurt had a cut writing style like Bowie. Maybe I was a kid that
did not deserve having a band use my words. But I know Nirvana fans stand
by Kurt's songs. I'd break their records. No one helped me when I got older
and people ran games on me knowing I wrote those letters for songs. Where
were the bands then with their houses getting bigger. THE MUSIC BUSINESS
IS FULL OF CRAP! All they do is use people some deserve it and some don't.
What could I have done at 13-14 years old to deserve this and it not only
Nirvana alot of 90's bands used words from those letters. Everybody knows
you done something but you. I'm just the running joke. Maybe I'm sobering
up and I don't mean this the way it sounds. You Believe and listen to lies
no wonder the music sales business is going under who want to buy some
tabloid bands crap. But is it funny how the end of "November Rain" is similar
to the chorus of "Rape Me". Whatever Dave hasn't the balls to talk to me.