Default Will Dave go into HOF with QOTSA?

I imagine the chances are pretty high Dave will get a second nod into the R&R hall of fame in 2020 when Foo Fighters become eligible but what about QOTSA...

In 2023 Queens of the Stone Age will be eligible for the hall. The band is well known for it's rotating band of musicians especially in the era of their two most standout albums Rated R and Songs for the Deaf. After two decent followup albums their last release Like Clockwork received critical and commercial acclaim. This album also marked a return of Dave who drummed on 5 of the 10 tracks.

It's likely we could get at least another two QOTSA albums before their eligible but you would have to think Dave would be the leading drummer to go in at this point. Gene Troutman only drummed on Rated R, Joey Castillo has 2 and half albums under his belt but most of his work is not as remembered as the previously mentioned albums. Jon Theodore just joined the band. Songs for the Deaf, QOTSA's most successful and iconic album featured Dave and he even toured with them after. Him playing on their last album their most successful in years boosts his case.

What yall think? Will Dave get a 3rd hall of fame slot with QOTSA?
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