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We know Dave wants the show to go on but surely the sensible thing is to at least cancel Tuesday, I can't believe his voice will have recovered by then and doing another show is only going to make it worse, I'd have thought.

As a singer, it's actually easier to soldier on with a broken leg than a shot voice. If you can't sing, you can't sing.

I guess the problem there though, is that it's Sweden. Where he broke the leg. Where they vowed to come back and do a proper show. But would another show with him not at his best be worthy of it? Tough decision I guess.

It's a tough call but that's what doctors are for.

Ask any doc if you have a cold / bronchitis / laryngitis / whatever that would it be ok to jog around and sweat for 3 hours with a 4kg weight slung over your shoulder and scream constantly while doing it. Guess the answer is simple after all.

Sad for all those going but IMO it would be plain dumb not to cancel. He's only human after all.
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