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TCATS demos?!?!?!?!?!? Monkey Wrench and HJP, Goldsmith on drums.

EDIT: These are really rough and seem to be Laundry Room recordings with Barrett Jones. The band recorded demos of their new songs which they used to shop around for a producer. So this isn't to be con fused with the Bear Creek session with Gil Norton and the first batch of (ultimately scrapped) TCATS recordings.

EDIT2: The scrolling text is inaccurate in saying that Goldsmith's drumming was erased from the Bear Creek session. As far as anyone knows, Dave at least would have a complete copy of the Bear Creek session with Goldsmith drumming. The Grandmaster session had the band rerecording entire songs, not just the Bear Creek drum track.

EDIT3: From the sound of everything from the vocals to the guitars to the drums I think we can finally confirm that "Make a Bet" was a demo from this demo session. I didn't doubt it -- Barrett Jones said it was -- but the old liner notes, I believe, said it came from the Grandmaster session.

EDIT4: Who the hell is this guy on youtube? A Goldsmith family member? He also posted this video -- and a buncha UFO crap.

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