hello...here are some photos(again)...the movie is dark, but kinda
cool...davefarting around with the guitar..one of adam kasper (he knows the
signer in weezer AND says he like girls, so watch out ladies)..the usual
blurry photo of taylor because he can't be still..and a mystery foot.. (whose
is it??guess).hope you like the pics...i went to tower last night and saw a
creed tree--no joke..straight up keebler rock...they have their faces on a
display tree at tower...where's paul bunyan when you need him?
today has been fun. drove drove drove...i sorted out some more gear issues
and lifter some heavy things on wheels..i think dr. g hit the dunkin donuts
this am, cause there was frosting on the floor. took taylor to IHOP, which
definitely ruined some peoples lunches. FYI, he had pigs in a blanket and I
had half of a tuna sandwich. oh. He also had a coke. With Ice. (Aren't these
diaries informative.
New housekeepers today. They came in and were as loud as bike week in
Sturgis. Did a good job. Its not always a mess here. We all clean up (except
Taylor)--I tend to be the one, the only one that cleans...ha ha.. funny....
I am going out to pick up a few reading things (we got the neutron bomb
...kinda the story of LA punk)...I think Dave will dig it, for sure. Also
gonna pick up a record by the Producers (early 80s cheese pop)..its a good
one..wish there would be another rolling stone with britney on the cover...or
janeane garofalo..
I think some Proboting will go on in the dungeon today and I've also got a
feeling that there is beef in the near future.
ps. i have a rough play by play of the first few days out here, but i think
its kinda weak. maybe i will post it..kinda boring like the previous few

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