Hey there,
It's Monday, August 16th. 8 am, halfway through my first cup of coffee, a few cigarettes in.....what better time to sit down and break my silence? Actually, today is rather significant, as we begin preproduction for the new album this afternoon. I'm really f-ing excited, and really f-ing ready to FINALLY get these wheels in motion. A lot has happened in the last 12 months, all leading up to this day, and now that it's finally here........I suppose I'll start where we left off. Whaddya say? Here we go:

First of all, I have to thank everyone for making our last round of touring so amazing. there are too many highlights to get into specifics, but my blurry memory remembers it as the best shows we've ever done, the biggest audiences we've ever played to, and the most fun we've ever had as a band. Walking onto a dark stage every night and playing the opening riff to "All My Life" was a moment that I never tired of. That feeling is one that you search for. I feel so fortunate that I found a moment like that, and relived it over and over again for a year straight. For years I was terrified to walk onstage and hit the opening chords to ANYTHING. That definitely changed with the last record. I couldn't wait to plug in and play, every single night. I think we all felt that way, as we really started taking advantage of the little time we had to share with you all by breaking into little jams, adding new parts, taking them to places we'd never gone before.....sounds kinda PHISH, but it was fun as hell. Made us better players, too. It forced us to connect with each other in a way that we had never done before, kept us on our toes. I can only imagine what the next round of touring will bring. Holy shitballs.....

It's been nice to take a break from the road this past year. I'm not sure if we've ever taken this much time away from touring, but it sure feels like forever. In a good way. Lot's of time to explore other projects, write new songs, try to fucking relax for once. Everyone has been pretty active during this "downtime". Nate and the Fire Theft, Chris and Jackson United, Taylor with Chevy Metal, and myself with 10,000 other things that I couldn't wait to do. I suppose that's one of the great things about having time away from the touring: You get to do all of the things that you never had time for on those little 6 day breaks. Like sleep. I've never been one to let grass grow beneath these feet, I kinda spazzed and kept really busy this year, so sleep is something that I'll have to wait a little longer for. Ah well.....getting to guest on some amazing records don't hurt though (you're gonna flip when you hear the NIN stuff). Overall, it was a nice change of pace, and that was something I was really looking forward to.

The biggest project so far this year has been moving studio 606 from the East coast to the West coast. We've been recording in my Virginia basement for 5 years now. TNLTL and One by One were both done there, in the dingy, soundproofed privacy of my own home. It served us well, to say the least. Totally lo-fi, built from the ground up by a bunch of knuckleheads that had no idea what they were doing. I am so very proud of those records for that reason. We did it all ourselves, away from the conventional route of making records that most people follow today. No clock on the wall, no receptionist, just a band in the basement trying to make the best record possible. It was a fucking blast, and we became totally self-sufficient, another thing that I am very proud of. Locking yourself away in your own studio with friends, shutting off the outside world, and hitting record only when you feel it's time.....that's how all records should be made. We're pretty goddamned lucky, I'll tell you that much. I would never want it any other way. But, it became a little impractical to have it so far away, seeing as how everyone spends the majority of their time out here on the West coast. So we came up with a plan: Buy a warehouse. Build a bigger, better studio. Have a massive space to store our mountains of gear that we've amassed over the past decade (that has been scattered around the country in storage spaces from here to Kalamazoo). Have somewhere to jam that we don't have to move out of at the end of the week. Have offices, etc., etc., etc............a full on headquarters, designed to further the idea of self-sufficiency. It's awesome. We will never have to go anywhere else as long as we live. From riding around on my motorcycle looking for warehouses that fit the description, to designing the layout of the control room, to choosing the type of fucking kitchen tile, it all keeps with the tradition of doing things yourself, building from the ground up, staying self sufficient. It's like building a wall around the band to keep it from being corrupted, or poisoned. It's a massive project, one that's on it's way to being finished, and the end result will be amazing. We're in real deep this time. I like that feeling.

So, now all you need are some songs, right? There's plenty of those. I'm not gonna sit here and write about how this shit is "the best stuff we've ever come up with", or how "this is the album we've always wanted to make", but I will say this: Having a year to write and demo things at your own pace sure makes for better songs. An a hell of a lot more of them. In preparing for today's preproduction, I dumped all of the things I've recorded onto my computer.....and I wound up with 5 and a half hours of music. I just laughed. But, don't worry, we're not making a box set here.....just weeding trough a lot of great riffs and melodies, looking for the best stuff to make our 5th record with. Some of you may have heard about the double-album idea. One disk acoustic, one disc rock. That's what we've been shooting for, so we'll see what happens. I'd love to have an album that requires us to stretch farther in both directions, eliminating any middle ground. the idea also comes from the fact that we've always explored both dynamics, just not to their fullest potential. why not get heavier? Or quieter? Why try and cram all of that onto one CD? Why not make two albums, and call it one? I dunno....I just want to make something special, and I want everyone to hear it. We've been a band for quite a while now, so it's time to start challenging ourselves, because I think we're capable of doing things beyond our immediate imagination. Okay....this is starting to sound like a motivational speech.....all I really wanted to say was that I'm dying to get this shit on tape and play it live. The whole album every night. (Something we haven't done in a long, long time). And this last year has been our most prolific yet, so it's time to hit the bricks and make it happen. There will be a lot of activity band-wise this fall, so keep checking back for updates.....we'll try and become better pen-pals, I swear.

One thing that I wanted to write to you about today has nothing to do with the band. It's personal, and something that I understand has brought up a little controversy here on the website. I figured I'd try and explain myself to you the best that I can. Recently I spent about a week out on the campaign trail with John Kerry. I've never been outwardly political, usually keeping that kind of thing to myself, as I believed it to be relatively personal. There are many bands that I admire and respect for being politically motivated, but I never considered Foo Fighters to be that kind of band. I've voted, and have given a helping hand to organizations that I've supported over the years when asked. We've participated as a band in a few political benefits: Rock for Choice, Tibetan Freedom Concerts and a few others, but this time I decided, personally, to become involved in something that I feel very strongly about.

I say "personally" because it is personal to me. When a politician that doesn't represent your "personal" beliefs uses music that you wrote for his own personal gain at a campaign rally, you take it personally. What could be more personal than songs that you've poured your heart and soul into? You don't just sit back and watch, you take action. I don't give a shit if President Bush likes my band. I just don't want him using my music at his campaign rallies. So rather than sit back and watch, I took action. Cease and desist letter? Nah. Make him forward the licensing fee to the Kerry campaign? Nah. Funny, but nah. How about doing the right thing, not as Mr. Foo Fighter, not as Mr. Nirvana, not as Mr. Rock Star.....just an American citizen from Springfield, VA who wrote those songs with an acoustic guitar and a notebook and a pen in his basement. Sing those songs, which are supposed to represent love, and hope, and compassion, and inspiration, and truth for a person that I "personally" believe represents all of those things. It's as simple as that. No soapbox. I just did what I hope everyone will do this November: take action. Personally. Whether that means walking into the voting booth and choosing a candidate that best represents your personal beliefs, or joining a demonstration, or singing songs with an acoustic is your right, and everybody has a voice. Remember,"Inaction is a weapon of mass destruction". Enough politics.....back to the music.

The other day, as I was packing up boxes to ship out to the West coast, I stumbled across something special at the bottom of a very deep pile of old cassettes and CD's. It was a copy of the first Foo Fighters demo. The one that I recorded down the street from my house and gave to a few close friends. It was one of the copies that I had made at a tape duplication joint in downtown Seattle. Grey inner sleeve, clear cassette, black type font.....I think I only made about 75 of them to give to pals. I hadn't seen one of those in ages. It was the tape that eventually became the first record, different only in that it was the rough mixes. But, the thing that really blew me away was the date typed on the back: "recorded Oct 17-22". 1994!!! Almost ten fucking years ago! It dawned on me that I am nearing a very special anniversary here. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I'd be sitting here, ten years later, writing to you about the preparations for our 5th album (double album, nonetheless)! It really blew me away. It's hard to believe that we've made it this far, considering the fact that every time we make a record we think it will be our last. Without too much reflection, I just have to say "thank you" to all of you for making the four of us very proud, and happy. I look forward to ten more years of posts like these (minus the political crap), ten more years of loud, sweaty shows, and ten more years of music that comes from the heart. OK....maybe not ten years, but.....

I'll check in sooner than later. Hope you all are well, and I can't wait to get back out there and play the new shit for you. Later, Dave
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters