hello everyone! i keep hearing the word blog all the time and i felt like i was missing the boat on something, so here's my studio blog! as most of you know, we've been hard at work since last november working on the new foo double cd extravaganza. let's see, a little history first -

we started building our very own studio last summer (studio 606). of course, by we, i don't mean i was actually down there swinging a hammer. i did shoot a nail gun for a couple of hours one day and dave did lots of manual labor but for the most part it was handled by our crack team of contractors and beebe, sean & jeff. we started tracking the rock stuff first, then moved on to the mellow shit (which is mostly done) and now we're back to the rock. it's gotta be done by the end of the month so we're pretty much in the home stretch. i gotta say we're all pretty fucking stoked on how it sounds and everyone's amped to get back out on the road and try it live.

yesterday was one of the coolest days i've ever had in the studio. none other than john paul jones of led zeppelin fame came by to play some mellotron, piano and mandolin on a few different tracks. that guy is like royalty but he was so down to earth and cool it was incredible. of course, we managed to sneak in a few zeppelin trivia questions and he even riffed kashmir on the mellotron for a minute. we are pretty fucking blessed...

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