Dear Prudence,
Where were you ten years ago today, Oct. 17th, 1994? I know exactly where I was. Robert Lang studios in North Seattle, recording what was to become the first Foo Fighters record (a demo at the time). It was the first time I had ever booked time in an official studio to record my own music. I booked 6 days (more than enough for 14 songs) borrowed some amps, a few guitars, called my friend Barrett Jones, and dug myself in. I figured that I would do 3 to 4 songs a day, have a few days for vocals, and mix on the last night. That's what we did. We drank coffee like Kool-aid. I ran from instrument to instrument. Most of that shit is first or second take (not bragging, believe me, if I thought it was gonna turn into a record I would've spent a little more time on the band name). I was so happy to be making music again. It was an awesome time.
Just want to say thanks to everyone for being so faithful to the band, and I hope that the music has made you all as happy as it has made me. still makes me happy. The new songs are piling up, and the studio that we're building is only a few weeks away from completion. I truly believe that we've managed to build the Abbey Road of the San Fernando Valley. It's pretty amazing. Definitely a classic studio vibe. Looks quite a bit like the studio that ABBA used to record in. That's a good thing. I hope to have all of the rock stuff finished by X-mas, and the acoustic stuff soon after that. We'll be out there in the spring with a fuckin' slew of new songs, doing what we do best: not being at home. I can't wait.
Also, I'm really happy to announce that my good friend Krist Novoselic will be joining me at a John Kerry related event, hosted by Chris Heinz, this Tuesday in Las Vegas. There will be some music, some speaking, and more. If any of y'all are around, come on out and join us. More details will follow, but I though I'd send up a flare to you guys and gals first.
Again, thanks for the decade. I'm gonna go pluck some gray hairs.
Dave's "Mountain of You", and it's old as fuck.
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters