Well, well ,well.............another post about progress in the studio?........another little letter about what I ate last night, or how killer Taylors drum tracks are turning out? is on. You heard me.........IT IS FUCKING ON!!
* * *
This little note marks the beginning of what I hope will become a beautiful relationship with our ass-shredding new album. That's right, kiddies.........your asses will be shred like documents in Martha Stewarts office, shredded like those new pork sandwiches at Subway, shredded like.....I a big bag of shredded stuff. The stars have aligned, the tide is high, or as "Evil" said in the classic horror flick "Fright Night"........DINNER IS IN THE OVEN.
* * *
I can't fucking wait for this album to come out. 11 songs. The best we've ever written. All recorded (re-recorded) in the course of 3 weeks. The way we should have done it in the first place. Quick and to the point(less). We wrote these songs specifically for live performance. Whatever would get us off live......that's what we would put on tape.
* * * *
Here's a rundown of the tunes for you.
* 1. All My Life. Killer
* 2. Low. * * * * Killer
* 3. Have it all. Killer
* 4. Times Like these (One way motorway). Killer
* 5. Tired. * * * Killer
* 6. Burn Away * *Killer
* 7. Lonely As You. *Killer
* 8. Halo. * * * *Killer
* 9. Overdrive * *Killer
* 10. Disenchanted Lullabye. *Killer
* 11. Comeback. * Killer.
There you go. That's the album preview. I was gonna go into detailed descriptions of each song, but I think I just about summed it all up right there.
*We're going to try and do some new stuff this time around, you know, with the website and all. Maybe include you all in the press-tour we'll be doing at the end of the summer, make things a little more interactive, have cameras follow us around like the Osbournes for a year or so. Stuff like that. Any suggetstions? Anything in particular you'd like to see? Nate reading before bed? Chris jumping rope in the morning? Taylor doing Freddie Mercury impressions all alone at night in his hotel room? We can arrange that. I mean......maybe not THAT, know....
* *
I'll be a little more present these upcoming months. A letter here....a letter there.........just to keep you all filled in. We're going large on this one, my friends. Lot's to do.....lot's to do.....
* *
Hope all is well with you..........had fun the last week on the road........more of that later. * * * * *
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters