I don't usually mess around in the postboard. I think it would make me self-conscious to see what people interested in the band are saying amongst themselves about....well, us. But I thought it would be good to check out what reaction the recent A@W posting had. Honestly, I had no idea that anyone would ever consider not listening to the band anymore becuase of a particular cause we suport, especially one that I see as being particularly benevolent. I thought that the comments made were very articulate and open-minded, and it was a pleasure to see a real discussion inspired by a stance our band has taken. I just wanted to say that i appreciate it. Incidentally, I understand how anyone could be essentially sympathetic, or at least neutral about the work of A@W, and yet have reservations. That's exactly why I thought that this article should be posted. Although it's a complex topic, and very open to differing interpretations, it is the startling facts, and the blunt research such as this that I believe can cause even diehard skeptics to reconsider their feelings regarding A@W. Once again, it is specifically this organization, with it's particular aims, that we directly support. At it's core, this is about widening the scope of discussion and providing information regarding the options available to those confronting HIV/AIDS. And that can only be a good thing.
Thanks again everyone.
--<br />Nate Mendel - Foo Fighters