Unfortunately, I always wind up writing these things way too early in the AM, long before my brain has had a chance to snap out of last nights haze. It's just that by the time it's kicked into full gear, I have to utilize it's genius on music, not silly little postboard nuggets.
There's been some rock going on lately. In and out of the basement. We've been trying to get out a bit more these days, as we are all starting to get a little case of cabin fever after being cooped up in the basement for the last month. Friday night we took a field trip down to the Black Cat for the CAVE IN show. For all of you who don't know about CAVE IN, you should. High voltage rock+roll. All over the stage, feedback up the yin yang, kick ass drummer, weird and very interesting guitar stuff, good melodies. We walked in as the opening band ICARUS LINE was playing, and were completely floored by them too. They fucking kick some major asshole. We hung with them for a little bit, got a bit sloppy (I blew it and left my CD and shirt at the bar, which hurt even more than the hangover the next day) and cabbed it home for fear that DC's finest would want us to spend some time with them downtown. Next.
Last night was the big local radio station show. The WHFS Nutcracker dealy. It was a big old fucker. I like going to those shows because it's usually the first and only place I get to see all these bands that I hear on the radio as I'm stuck in rush hour traffic on 95. It's funny to put faces to all of these songs. We missed a bunch of stuff (Pete Yorn was something that we wanted to see, and missed fucking Coldplay, which was a real drag because they were by far the most musical of all the bands, I'm sure) but did get a chance to see SYSTEM OF A DOWN. They are fucking awesome. And I'm so psyched to see that a band as weird as them can achieve full on mainstream recognition. I remember hearing them for the first time and thinking that they remind me of some of my favorite punk rock bands of all time: NO MEANS NO from Canada, and DEAD KENNEDYS. Now they're getting huge, and it actually gives me hope that people are starting to listen to music, rather than just hear it. I guess it just takes a band worth LISTENING to, which they definitely are.......
So, there you go. My own little scene report, just like MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL has. We're winding down with the drums......only have three songs left, and then we're off to LA. Yesterdays ditty was a rocker (again). Imagine the B 52's playing a SABBATH song.......or vice versa.....or something like that.........
(That last line is to be spoken in the voice of Ozzy)
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters