Here are some of the many things on my mind this morning as I have my first cigarette and coffee:
1. Thank God we got that BUNN coffee maker, which brews a pot of coffee in about 27 seconds. Restaurant quality.
2. I jammed my thumb at the OYSTERHEAD show and it still fucking kills. I thought it would be funny to sit on a balloon that I found, make it pop, and watch everyone jump (including Stewart Copeland) and all I got was a dislocated thumb.
3. We got our first rough cut of the video last night. Must call Jesse.
4. Did 60 push ups yesterday, and boy are my arms killing me.
5. New song tentatively titled "Get Up, I Want To Get Down" is a monster.
6. Can't wait to play the K Rock show.
7. Thank God for VHI Classics.
8. Should I hit the IHOP? Or should I go to the deli for a BLT?
9. No more fucking around with the tape head cleaner in the studio, too flammable.
10. Need to start working on the cover artwork.
11. Need to do laundry.
12. Need to quit posting mindless rants.

Time to make the doughnuts. Dave
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters