admin's note: This was originally posted on 11.26.00

Hey everybody.....remember me? Just mellowed out for the holiday break, getting ready to head over to jolly old England for our last tour of this record. I can't wait. Batteries have been recharged.
Okay....I just had to write a tiny note about the "Stairway to Heaven" thing.........
First of have to understand that "Stairway to Heaven", along with being undoubtedly one of the greatest songs of all time, is also THE foremost taboo cover song in modern day music. I mean...... that and "Freebird". You just don't touch those two. Ever. It would be absurd to even try. That being said, what could be funnier than a straight faced attempt at what some people consider the "Rock and Roll national anthem". You have to understand that Taylor and I had just finished our version of "Baby Hold On to Me", by Eddie Money (which was ridiculous enough), and we were feeling
kinda frisky.Sooo.......why not? Were we serious? No. Do we love Led Zeppelin? Yes. Did we think that it would offend anyone? Hmm............well,
let's just say that we didn't think anyone would take us seriously. I mean, it's a comedy show, fer chrissakes. Lighten up.
I think that the only way to prove ourselves to everyone now, I mean, musically, is to perform "Stairway" in it's entirety every night, exactly as it is on record. No foul-ups, totally serious, complete with the "Does anybody remember laughter??" line thrown in the middle, JPJ keyboards, satin pants, crotch bulging version from "The Song Remains the Same". If
that's what it's gonna take to keep the naysayers on the team, then that's what we'll have to do.
Now, THAT would be funny.
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters