Default Scream - No More Censorship (rerelease)

Franz mentions it in an interview
Alex Obert: Before we wrap up, what are you up to for the rest of the year?

Franz Stahl: I also play in my friend’s band, DYS. And I’ve been playing with them for the last year, typically weekend stuff. But we did do a tour and we have done some recordings. We’re going back East to do some shows there. We’ll probably do a week in Europe. We’re supposed to do a couple shows in China and Singapore. Scream’s got some stuff coming up, we’re remixing the No More Censorship record at Dave’s place, 606 Studios. With Scream, we’ll probably do a handful of shows here and there. Just kind of the usual thing. My brother’s gonna be pretty busy tour managing, we’ll see how many shows we can end up doing. But we’ll probably go out and have some fun. Got a lot on the plate.
Full interview here
No release date set just yet obviously. However I'm happy to hear this is happening.
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