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Old July 17th 2017, 02:33 AM
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Default Re: Barrett Jones shares SH outtake with Dave's unheard solo version of 'Gods Look Do

Originally Posted by Simon View Post
Well I assume it was for that purpose, so they could cover the story of it being aired and what they discussed. Can't see any reason he'd not have the master.

It is weird though, how everything about this ISA demo just passed us all by. Nobody recorded it, or if they did, it never circulated. Nobody talked about it, nobody knew about the significance of it being aired and record labels getting wind of it. Very bizarre.
Seemed totally clear to me it was absolutely deliberate he used the actual show - since it was both the very first public release, and how it was that Damon Stewart become so instrumental in moving it forward as we hear Dave crediting him with playing a big part in "promoting" that there were even songs in existence songs.

Now as I understand it this wasn't a one off thing for Barrett, the New Music Show was something he visited a couple of times with various bands under the guise of promoting Laundry Room Records release material. It just happened that this time he had a new Dave song to throw into the mix.

Dave says when he first heard it back he was really nervous. I'm not sure if he means the recorded demo itself, or how it sounded on the actual show. He also agrees with Barrett that it was one of the last songs written. They then both agree that was no doubt why they got the album recorded so fast - Barrett says yeah you knew all the songs, all the parts and had recorded them already.

Dave explains the chain of events starting out saying "Damon (Stewart) also worked for Sony, and after Barrett plays him the song he asks if he can play it for my people I work with at Sony, and then he started calling Dave's house and leaving messages on his answering machine. Dave says "That's when I called..." and is interrupted by Barrett saying "...but you ended up on Capitol?" DG "Right, but there was a bidding war... we talked to everybody, but it has started with THAT guy. And once this started getting around, this tape, then... that's when I called Jill and John (lawyer and manager) and I said hey what should I do? And they said Well... do you have a band, are you going to make a record? I go... I don't know. And then, that's when we... (Dave trails off as song is literally finishing). Damon announces "KISW..." station credits and Dave doesn't finish previous thread, instead reiterating "yeah, it started with that guy..." Damon asks and Barrett confirms there are multiple demos.

So IMHO the demo being played was most likely where Barrett asked Dave, who said sure WTF why not. But all the same he was a little nervous about how it would both sound and go down. The fact it then had an immediate link to Sony seems to have been a genuine complete accident. I don't read either of them counting on that, it just happened. Damon is armed with the radio airing of ISA. Sony love it, Damon starts calling Dave.

Dave says "this tape starts getting round" That's either "this tape" from the Mutt Lange sessions (the 100 copies) or its this tape of the ISA radio promo. I'd always figured it was the actual 100 cassette, but it now seems more likely it was the ISA demo itself, and that at the end of the video track Dave is about to say And then thats when... WE DECIDED TO GO INTO MUTTS AND PROPERLY RECORD IT.

Then the 100 copies were made, the rest of the songs were heard, the bidding war really took off, Dave decided OK it needs to actually happen then, Capitol win and get the recording remastered at The Shop in Arcata LA. Might need a band here now...

Similar set of events but yes slightly different slant possibly now.

And you know what Simon - I absolutely knew about the demo on the show, have done for years. Always have the same question as to why it never got out or was made a bigger noise over. But when I read all that back now in that sequence, it makes me think hold on... Sony probably did everything they possibly could to put a cap on it sine they went straight into "we gotta get this" mode. SO it was probably never played or referenced on the station again. Barrett had someone record it - he knew as he was going on the actual show what it was going to be. Otherwise maybe there were a handful of people outside the station that happened to be recording the show to cassette at home off the radio (like we used to do back then). But youd record the top 40, you'd very very seldom waste your time recording the new music shows, especially if they were the kind for new artists. I think the combination of all those things kept it pretty impossible for many people to have any idea it ever happened until much later.
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Old August 31st 2017, 02:50 AM
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Default Re: Barrett Jones shares SH outtake with Dave's unheard solo version of 'Gods Look Do

New related info here on the I'll Stick Around Demo:
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Old August 31st 2017, 05:41 PM
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Default Re: Barrett Jones shares SH outtake with Dave's unheard solo version of 'Gods Look Do

Nice sleuthing.
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