Default What music/recordings you can and can't share on the board

What you can't upload and post links to on the board:
  • Anything that has been officially released in any way. Be it a studio album, single, EP, DVD, Blu-Ray, featured on a compilation, if it's from an official release sanctioned by the band, it's not allowed.
  • This also includes official documentaries such as 'Back And Forth' and 'Sonic Highways'.
  • You also cannot share anything about to be released officially if it's from an unauthorised source, ie an upcoming album leak. NO LEAKS!
There is currently one specific exception, 'Late! Pocketwatch'. This was officially released on cassette but is long out of print and rips of that cassette currently ARE allowed to be shared.

What you can upload and post links to on the board:

Anything that doesn't fit into the above, essentially.
  • Officially sanctioned pre-release streams of upcoming releases. EG, an album or song stream on NME, Rolling Stone, Spotify, FF themselves etc.
  • Live audio and video that hasn't been officially released, both fan video/audio and 'professional' sources, for example from TV or Radio broadcasts.
  • Audio/Video from unofficial commercial releases/bootlegs as long as it hasn't also been officially released.
  • Studio recordings, demos etc that haven't been officially released in any way *
* These are generally allowed however due to their nature we reserve the right to remove links to any studio material, even if not officially released. One such example are the leaked 'Million Dollar Demos'. These are not to be shared or linked here.

If in doubt, PM myself or Jill to see if it's ok.
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